How the Masters Rule Began

Trust Worthy

Building lasting relationships through genuine, reliable advice and unwavering commitment to your financial success.


Harnessing years of industry know-how to skillfully navigate complex financial landscapes and deliver outstanding results.


Upholding the highest standards of excellence, providing top-notch services tailored to your unique business needs.

How the Masters Rule Began

Your Financial Dream Team

At the heart of our success lies a passionate, dedicated team of Proactive Tax Experts, committed to empowering entrepreneurs and solopreneurs with financial wisdom and strategic guidance on their journey to success.

Zeeshan Khaliq, CPA

Managing Partner

Zeeshan Khaliq has been a CPA for 10 years. Having run financial operations for large Fortune 500 companies along with small businesses, he brings valuable insights to his clients to help them increase their revenue and save more money to invest in his client’s lives

Mohsin Ali, ACCA


Mohsin has 10 years of tax and bookkeeping experience. His global experience extends from starting his career in the United Kingdom to being a Manager in a Mid-sized CPA firm in Chicago. His technical skills in Tax and Quickbooks have helped clients gain Financial insights into their businesses.


Expanding horizons across the nation.


Serving diverse markets with tailored expertise.

Years of Experience

Serving diverse markets with tailored expertise.

Our Story

Born from a legacy of hard work and nurtured by a passion for excellence, Zeeshan’s journey began in his family business, learning the value of dedication from the ground up. With a diverse educational background in Chemistry and a Master’s in Accounting, Zeeshan embarked on a career in a renowned accounting firm, gaining invaluable experience across various industries.

A few years ago, Zeeshan returned to his family business, where he discovered the significant gap between what business owners truly need and what most CPAs offer.

Determined to make a difference, he started working directly with clients, resolving their financial challenges and helping their businesses flourish.

As our firm continues to grow, we take immense pride in being known as “Proactive Tax Experts that are focused on making you money!” We remain committed to empowering entrepreneurs and solopreneurs with tailored financial strategies, allowing them to achieve their goals and enjoy greater financial success.

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