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Riverline Tax helps its clients achieve maximum tax benefits through customized tax plans and smart tax preparation services. We focus on building relationships based on trust, confidence, and candor. Every taxpayer’s situation is unique. The right solution for YOU will always be personal. A combination of strategies developed through a collaborative engagement is designed to minimize the time you spend dealing with your tax situations. Let’s schedule a meeting to find out how a CPA can add value to the business.

How we are different

Riverline Tax specializes in proactive Income Tax Planning and Trust & Estate Tax Planning. We focus on building a relationship with our clients to understand their businesses and personal lives in order to deploy tax strategies that they can receive the benefit from for years to come.

Tax Planning

Our Income Tax planning strategies save a client one average of $21,000 to $79,000 in taxes every year. We go through a process by doing the following:

  • Reviewing your legal entity setup
  • Deep dive and analysis of revenue and forecasting
  • Determining if there are any tax deductions that you are missing out on
  • Checking for tax credits you or your business are not taking advantage of
  • Collaborating with other professionals to help make these savings a reality.

Retention Credit

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC) provides refundable payroll tax credits to small businesses and nonprofits that were impacted by COVID-19. Thanks to recent legislative changes to the program, you may be able to claim up to $26,000 in payroll tax credits per employee!
(Even if you have a PPP Loan)


  • Will Not Run Out: Unlike the PPP, funding is unlimited. Anyone who qualifies and applies, will receive their credit
  • It Is Not A Loan: You don’t need to worry about paying this back, or tracking how you use it.
  • Applying Is Easy: Our CPAs will take care of all the boring details required by the IRS to submit for the credit, contact us today to begin the process.

Schedule a call with us to see how much we can save you in taxes and see if you qualify for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)

About Us

CPAs That Save You Money.
Riverline Tax designs customized Tax Plans to helps clients achieve maximum Tax savings while achieving our client’s life goals. We go through a detailed process of evaluating the client’s business structure, business deductions, Tax credits the client can obtain, and retirement solutions to achieve the goals of tax savings.

How we can help

Our main focus is proactively saving our Clients money in income taxes and estate taxes. We are a full-service firm. Once we have determined the tax savings we can help realize the client, we begin implementing the strategies by providing advisory support, accounting, payroll, and tax preparation services. We only offer to provide these only if we believe they will save you money in taxes.

Income Tax Planning

Customized Income Tax Plans to helps clients achieve maximum Tax savings while achieving our client’s life goals.

Trust and Estate Tax Planning

Customized plans that grow and protects the wealth for future generations and charitable causes.

Tax Credit Analysis and Assistance

With our focus on staying up to date on current tax law to proactively inform you of credits your business or you qualify for.

Tax Preparation

In conjunction with income tax planning, we provide tax preparation services to help realize the tax savings for clients.

CFO & Accounting Services

We help clients manage their working cash and help them project their future cash flow and cash requirements, so they can grow their business without worrying if they will need more cash in the future

What Clients Say



Managing Partner

Zeeshan Khaliq has been a CPA for 10 years. Having run financial operations for large Fortune 500 companies along with small businesses, he brings valuable insights to his clients to help them increase their revenue and save more money to invest in his client’s lives



Mohsin has 10 years of tax and bookkeeping experience. His global experience extends from starting his career in the United Kingdom to being a Manager in a Mid-sized CPA firm in Chicago. His technical skills in Tax and Quickbooks have helped clients gain Financial insights into their businesses.

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